Vanessa Eskildsen

Camp Director

Vanessa spent her childhood in Sacramento where she was raised with the unwavering love and support of her parents and grandparents. The sense of security and happiness she felt as a result of her caring and involved family is a huge source of inspiration for pursuing a career in child care and education. Her love of athletics stems from her years spent in high school and college participating in competitive cheerleading, where she discovered gymnastics. While in college at San Francisco State University, both of these passions collided and formed the perfect marriage when she decided to earn a degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism. Going to school to learn how to create programs (athletic in nature) that where enriching, age appropriate and FUN for children was like a dream come true. 

Vanessa is passionate about nurturing each child’s skills and ability to reach their highest potential.  She believes that teachers are honored to be a part of shaping children’s minds and hearts as they achieve their goals, develop a strong sense of self, and create life-long memories. Her goal at Head Over Heels is to ensure that all campers have a truly exceptional, enriching, and memorable experience while at camp!



YEARS WITH HEAD OVER HEELS: Returned to Head Over Heels March 2016



FAVORITE COLOR: Shades of green, burnt red, and tangerine

FAVORITE FOOD: Thai food!! yummmmmmmmm

FAVORITE MUSIC: Anything that that moves me

WHAT DO YOU DO ON YOUR SPARE TIME? Sew, home improvement, read, takes classes on things that are of interest, go on family adventures, hike, create.

FAVORITE VACATION DESTINATION: Going anywhere to disconnect from the world with my family would be amazing. However I love tropical places, places surrounded by nature and wilderness, and places rich in history. 

HOBBIES: Being silly, playing and exploring with my daughter, cooking, reading, learning, hiking, sewing, doing art.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU? The journey to self-growth and evolution, family and friends; new people, things and ideas; pursuit of knowledge and happiness for myself and others; nature’s beauty and mystery, experts in worthy fields of study. 

FAVORITE TV SHOW/MOVIE: Too many movies to list!

I love that athletic arts allows performers to express and inspire audiences with their creativity through movement and visual sensations. I also love the lessons one learns when fully committing themselves to any athletic discipline.

EDUCATION:  B.S. Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration
                 15 Early Childhood Education Units

EXPERIENCE:  I have 14 years’ experience working with children of all ages, in an array of capacities, such as:

  • Founding and directing operations of my own summer camp business, Compass Rose Bay Area.
  • Creating and guiding field trips for children 5-8 at the Bay Area Discovery Museum, as well as teaching camps
  • Leading after-school programs for children ages 6 -12
  • Preschool teacher
  • UCA Cheer Camp Staff
  • Gymnastics Coach
  • Nanny