Boys Level 1

Ages 6 - 12 years
50 minute class, once a week
$95 per month 
(Based on four classes in a month. Actual number of classes in a month may vary.)


Class Goals

This class is for boys with no prior experience with gymnastics.  The age ranges from 6 to 12 years old.  The material covered in this class will include gymnastics event description and purpose, gymnastics vocabulary, and skill development.  Students will learn relevant body positions in men’s gymnastics including straight, hollow, tucked, and pike and as well as a wide range of skills and movement patterns.  They will gain the ability to execute these positions in static and dynamic settings on men’s apparatus.  Through conditioning and stretching students develop groups of muscles and the flexibility important to further their advancement.  Each weekly class is 55 minutes long and includes a 10 minute warm-up, conditioning, and practice in two to three events.


A list of skills that are covered in class during a session


Flexibility (warm up)

  • Pike sit touch toes
  • Straddle sit forehead touch floor
  • Left and right leg stride splits and middle splits
  • Bridge



  • Forward and backward roll
  • Lunge, kick to ¾ handstand
  • Headstand
  • Cartwheel
  • Introduction to headspring and round off technique


  • 10 Hand lifts
  • Front and rear support swings on pommel horse
  • Flank dismount over pommel horse or buck
  • Walk around mushroom with correct hand placement


  • 10 Second chin-up hold
  • 5 Low swings
  • Support on low rings
  • German Hang Dismount
  • Tuck hang, L-hold, inverted hang, and inverted pike position
  • Spoted shoulder stand legs against low ring straps


  • Proper running technique with acceleration
  • Arm circle hurdle onto springboard
  • Squat on to table or block

Parallel Bars

  • 5 Straight body support swings
  • Bent leg straddle travel across parallel bars
  • Upper arm support swings
  • Swing to dismount in back swing over side of low P-bars

High Bar/Bars

  • Straight arm, straight leg cast
  • Kick to pullover
  • Back hip circle tucked or piked
  • Swing with hollow regrip, low bar
  • Basket flip pull legs through and back
  • Underswing from jump or cast


  • Safety stop
  • Seat drop ½ turn, bounce to seat drop
  • Hands and knees drop
  • Back drop


  • 1 Pull-up
  • 5 Push-ups (good form)
  • 15 Tuck-ups on floor
  • 10 Candle-stick jumps