Boys Level 2

Ages 6 - 12 years
80 minute class, once a week
$120 per
month (Based on four classes in a month. Actual number of classes in a month may vary.)


Class Goals

This class is for boys who have completed the list of requirements in Boys Level 1 to move up to Level 2.  Students will continue to work on properly executed skills of increasing difficulty and start to incorporate form and consistency to all skills. Conditioning focuses on the development of the muscle groups in the upper body, core, and building more dynamic explosive strength.  Each weekly class is 90 minutes long and includes a 10 min. warm up, conditioning, and two to three events, including men’s apparatus.


A list of skills that are covered in class during a session

  • Flexibility (warm up)
  • Pike sit touch toes
  • Straddle sit forehead touch floor
  • Bridge
  • Half splits stretch



  • Straddle Press up to Panel Mat from Feet
  • Lever-in, Handstand, Lever-out
  • Handstand Forward Roll
  • Power Hurdle, Cartwheel
  • Front Tuck into Pit


  • 10 Straddle Swings above Horizontal with Form
  • Leg-cut (both legs)
  • Quarter Circles around Mushroom (both ways)


  • 5 Medium Height Swings wtih Form
  • 3 Swings to Inverted Hang
  • Chin-up


  • Straddle-on onto Table (straight legts and hips up)
  • Stretch Jump onto Table
  • Kick to Handstand, Fall to Flatback onto Cheese

Parallel Bars

  • Straddle Travel with Straight Legs across Paralle Bars
  • 10 Second Tuck Hold
  • 5 Small Swings

High Bar/Bars

  • Pullover with Feet Together
  • Cast to 60˚
  • Cast, Back Hip Circle
  • Cast, Straddle-on, Sole Circle Dismount


  • Pike (heels)
  • Straddle (forehead on ground, knees up)
  • Right, left, and middle Splits (less than 6" off the ground)
  • Bridge (hold for 10 seconds with shoulders over hands)


  • 2 Pull-up
  • 10 Push-ups (good form)
  • 10 V-ups
  • 5 Tuck-ups on Bar
  • 15 Candle-stick Jumps