Gender Expansive Level 1

Ages 6 - 12 years
50 minute class, once a week
$95 per month 
(Based on four classes in a month. Actual number of classes in a month may vary.)


This class is for kids of ALL genders with no prior experience with gymnastics.  The age ranges from 6 to 12 years old.  The material covered in this class will include gymnastics event description and purpose, gymnastics vocabulary, and skill development along with strength conditioning and stretching.  Students will learn the most relevant body positions in the sport i.e. straight, hollow, tuck and pike as well as a wide range of skills and movement patterns. They will gain the ability to execute these positions in static and dynamic settings. Through conditioning and stretching students develop the strength and flexibility important to further their advancement. Each weekly class is 50 minutes long which includes a 10 minute warm up, conditioning, and practice in two of the following events: Floor, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, Balance Beam, Low Bar.

Skills List:


  • Forward roll
  • Backward roll
  • Cartwheel
  • Handstand
  • Backbend down wall to mat


  • 5 low swings
  • German hang dismount


  • Squat on to block
  • Hurdle arm circle punch

Parallel Bar

  • 5 small swings
  • Straddle travel with bent legs


  • Stretch jump
  • Forward/ backward releve walks
  • Needle Kick hop
  • Arabesque, coupe, passe hold 2 sec each

Low Bar

  • Kick pullover
  • Jump to support, 3 casts, hollow push away
  • Basket flip
  • 5 Swings with regrasp on pit bar