Intermediate Trampoline

Ages 7+ years
50 minute class, once a week
$95 per
month (Based on four classes in a month. Actual number of classes in a month may vary.)


Class Goals

This class is for boys and girls who have completed the list of requirements in Beginner Tramp.  The age ranges from 7 years old and older.  In this class we cover: event description and purpose, trampoline, aerial vocabulary, and skill development.  Children will learn aerial awareness and develop coordination through various exercises such as flips, twists and a combination of both.  We also work on the development of core muscles that are most relevant to tumbling and trampoline.  Each weekly class is 55 minutes long and includes a 10 minute warm-up, Tumble Trak, trampoline and conditioning.


A list of skills that are covered in class during a session

  • Full turn
  • Front tuck to back
  • Pull over


Routine (1)

  • Seat drop to feet, back drop to feet, and repeat three times without error

Routine (2)

  • 3 straight jumps, tuck jumps,  half turn, stomach drop to feet, half turn, back drop to feet, straight jump, full turn, straight jump, to stop bounce

Routine (3)

  • Back drop, pull over to feet, straight jump, front tuck to back, then to feet