Local Gymnast Wins All Around at 2010 State, Regional, and Western Championships

Emeryville, CA, May 2, 2010 - Head Over Heels is pleased to announce Victoria Mar’s exceptional performance at the 2010 Level 9 Western National Championships this past weekend in Des Moines, Iowa. This accomplishment follows her wins at the 2010 NorCal Level 8-10 State Championships and the 2010 Level 8-10 Regional Championships.

Head Coach Oleg Kosyak, Gymnast Victoria Mar and Executive Director Katreece Roberts

In 2009 Victoria competed as a Level 9 gymnast and won the 2009 Level 8-10 Regional 1 Championships in spite of a debilitating injury in 2008 in which she tore both her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), her medial collateral ligament (MCL) and her meniscus during a floor exercise pass. The ligaments are two of the four ligaments that are critical to the stability of the knee joint and the meniscus is the hard cartilage on which the bones of the knee rest upon. The reconstructive surgery for the ligaments could not be done until the meniscus rehabilitation time which took three months. After being out of training for only two weeks Victoria came back to the gym and began training as much as she could in a full leg cast. This year she has won all of the major national competitions for her age and level. “It is rare to win all three major competitions in one year,” says Executive Director Katreece Roberts. “We are so proud of what Victoria has accomplished.”

Head Over Heels’ head coach Oleg Kosyak was a member of the Ukrainian Olympic Gymnastics team that won Bronze at the 1996 Olympic Games and knows what it is to train after an injury. “This year Victoria was undefeated as an All-Around Champion at State, Regional, and Western Championships. At the final competition Victoria performed exceptionally well under tremendous pressure. Over the past couple of years she has had to work very hard to make this happen. I admire her courage, self discipline, and work ethic. She is truly a wonderful roll model for our younger girls. It is great to witness your students transform into great athletes. Success such as this is what makes coaching so fulfilling. I am very proud of Victoria.”

Victoria will enjoy the perks associated with winning at this level including an all expenses paid trip with her coaches to Bela Karolyi’s Camp in Texas, the designated training center for the USA Gymnastics National Team. She is currently enjoying a short break from her Monday through Friday, 20 hours a week training schedule and looking forward to completing her junior year of high school.