Nominations for Optional Coach of the Year

NOMINEE: Katreece Roberts

Katreece along the rest of her coaching staff has done a phenomenal job with her program. They are a non-profit organization and I have been consistently impressed by them over the years. Every year their caliber of gymnastics increases and they steadily climb higher among the teams in NorCal. I always enjoy watching Katreece interact with her gymnasts and the positive team spirit their gym brings to meets.


It is an honor to nominate Katreece Roberts of Head Over Heels for "2012 Optional Coach of the Year". I truly believe that the most difficult aspect of program building is changing the culture of a program, then having your members support the change, and then finally producing results from the change. Katreece has managed to achieve this difficult task. Currently, all of the top programs were created to produce highly competitive athletes from their inception and continue to do so. Katreece has taken a program without a history of competitive success and has turned it into a team that produces State Team Members and Team titles. The job that she and her staff have done with this program is exceptional and deserves all the accolades. Some of her achievements this year include.

  • A 3rd Place finish at the level 8 State Championships
  • A 4th Place finish at the level 9 State Championships.
  • Talia Brovedani made the Level 8 Norcal State Team and won the AA Championship for her age division.
  • Lyla Kelley made the Level 9 Norcal State Team and won the AA Championship for her age division.

Head Over Heels is on the verge of being a major force in Northern California and this would not have been possible without Katreece and her hardworking staff. Thank you for your time and consideration.