General FAQs

Where are you located?

We are at 4701 Doyle Street, Building F, between 45th Street and 53rd Street in Emeryville.

There is absolutely no parking in the 4701 Doyle Street lot as every space is reserved. Our client parking is in Spur Alley which is accessed on 45th Street between Doyle and Hollis.  There is a mechanical arm like you would see at a railroad crossing.  Ask our front office staff for the code to get in when you register. We ask that you refrain from trying to drive around the gate.

Once through the gate drive down the alley and HOH is the second building on your right.  If one of our parking spaces, clearly marked Head Over Heels, is not available our property manager graciously allows our clients to park across from the parking spaces as long as you park close enough to the curb so that those in legitimate parking spaces are able to get out.

*DO NOT PARK IN THE OTHER TENANTS SPACES as you might get towed.

Street parking can also be found on 45th Street, 47th Street, San Pablo Avenue, and Hollis Street.  A short walk is an excellent warm up before class begins. 

Visit our Location & Directions page for more information.

How do I establish an account?

Before registering for any programs online, you must establish an online account and create a Login Name and Password.  First go to: Online Registration

Then this is how you create an online account:

     1. Click on the "Create Account" button.

     2. Fill out the form for New Account Request completely, including all required fields and click submit. Please submit your request only once.

*Please Note: If you are registering a child for a program, please use your own information when filling out the online registration account request form, NOT the information of the child you wish to register for an activity. Once you have an online registration account, you will have the opportunity to add family members.

     3. You will automatically receive an email after submitting your request for an account. Your account will be activated only after you have responded by clicking on the link provided in the email.

Where can I download the Liability Waiver?

You can download the Liability Waiver by clicking this link. Once downloaded, you can print and fill out the waiver and return it to us in person or via email at

Do you do birthday parties or field trips?

Yes, we offer a number of special programs. We are also open to working out a special day for your organization or corporation to come and play with us! For more information, please contact Angie at or ask for Angie at (510) 655-1265.

Who are your sponsors?

HOH Athletic Arts is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

We offer sponsorship opportunities for local and national businesses and organizations. Please visit our Supporter page to learn more.

How many accounts should each family have?

Each family should establish only one account. Create the account in the name of a head of household and then add all family member names to the account after it is established (see next question).

How do I add family members to My Account?

You may add family members in the three following locations:

  1. You may add a family members under "My Account", this is done by clicking the link "Change information about family members".
  2. You may also add family members during the enrollment process. This is done by clicking on the link "Add family member" which is located beside the participant box.
  3. You may add a family member after you initial account request by clicking on "Save and add family member."

Can I view programs without registering?

You can always browse through the programs without registering. Click on the "View Programs" button on the Online Registration page and look at all the programs that are offered.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

From the My Account program, enter your Login name. Then check the "Forgot your Password" box and click "Continue". You will advance to the custom security question you created when establishing your account. After answering this question correctly, an email will be sent to your account containing a temporary password. Use this password to log in to your account. Once you have logged in, you will be prompted to create a new password. If, after you reset your password you continur to have difficulty, please contact our office at 510-655-1265 during normal business hours and a member of our staff will assist you.

*Please DO NOT create another customer account.

Can I view my transaction history and print out my past receipts online?

Yes, transaction history can be viewed from the date on which an online account is established. The "My Account" feature allows you to view a detailed list of your past transactions. Just login, click the "My Account" button, and select the program(s) to view the transaction history.

How can I view a schedule of my family's upcoming scheduled programs?

The "My Account" feature allows you to view a weekly schedule of your family's upcoming scheduled programs. Just login, click on the "My Account" button, and then click on "Show Your Daily Schedule". Select the family member whose schedule you would like to view and click "Search". A weekly schedule will display all of the programs your family members are and have been enrolled in and allow you to click on individual programs for more information.

What is a convenience fee?

The convenience fee is a small fee typical of any internet sale. The fee is a percentage of the total receipt amount. This fee is non-refundable as it is a fee charged by our software provider.

What is the refund policy?

We have a strict no refund policy. Once the month has begun, all tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable. If you have a scheduling conflict, you can transfer into another day, time, or program.

Visit our Policies page for more information.

Do you offer make-up classes?

Due to limited space in classes Head Over Heels does not offer make-up classes.

Do you offer a sibling or multiple class discount?

Yes. A 20% discount will be given to the less expensive class.

Do you offer trial classes?

Yes. Trial classes are scheduled in our under enrolled classes and are not during evaluation weeks. You must call us at (510) 655-1265 or visit us to schedule a trial class.

This is how HOH's trial classes work.  If after the trial the student chooses to enroll in an HOH class the client pays for the trial class as well as the rest of the session.  If, for any reason, the client and/or student decides to not enroll in the class the client will not be charged.

Only one trial per person can be taken at Head Over Heels.