Registration FAQs

How do I enroll my student?

We welcome you and your child(ren) to visit our gym and see our students in action.

  1. Browse our list of course schedules to find a convenient time.
  2. Visit us! Many children feel more comfortable after they view a class.
  3. We require a two page form to be filled out before your child enrolls or participates in a trial, class, field trip, open gym, birthday party, or event.  You may download them on our website *or* fill them out on site.

Learn how to enroll for classes at HOH Athletic Arts.

How do I register online for an activity?

Once your account has been established, registration for programs is easy:

     1. Click the "View Programs" button on the Registration Home Page

     2. Select the program that you would like to enroll in. Clicking the underlined program name will show you a detailed program description.

     3. Click the "Add to My Cart" button if you wish to register for the program.

     4. Next, login to your online account by entering your login information and password. Proceed to checkout by clicking the "Continue" button. From this screen you may remove programs from your cart or view more programs and add them to your cart.

*Important: If more than one family member will be attending the program, change the quantity registering for the program and then click on the "Update Cart" button.

     5. Confirm your program name, date and time, enrollee and price.

     6. Click "Continue" to proceed with payment. You will be prompted that you are entering a secure site. Click "Yes". Enter your credit card information on the Payment Information Page. Click "Continue". This system accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

*Please Note: The name and address must match those that are on file with your credit company. If the address shown is not your credit card billing address, click on the "My Account" button and change your residential address to match your credit card billing address.

     7. Once your payment has been approved, your receipt will display. Please print a copy of your receipt for your records.

What will happen if I try to register for a program that is fully enrolled?

Your name will be placed on a waiting list to be contacted in the event that a space in that class opens up or additional classes are added. If you do not want to be placed on the waiting list, click the "Remove" button that appears on the screen. If a space opens for the class, you will be contacted immediately. If we are unable to contact you within 24 hours, your space will be given to the next customer on the wait list.

How do I drop a class?

Clients will be able to inform our front office staff of their desire to take a break from their scheduled class(es) before the 15th of the month. Drop requests can never be taken over the phone or through employee emails. All drop requests must be submitted in writing. Please see the front office to submit a “Drop Request Form” or submit a Drop Form through our website. These will be the only methods in which to drop a class.

Can I call or email the HOH front office or enrollment director and tell them I want to drop a class?

Drop requests can never be taken over the phone or through employee emails.

Can I drop a class on a day between the 16th to the last day of a month and have it take effect on the first of the following month?

If the drop request form is submitted between the 16th and last day of the month it will take effect not at the first of the next month but on the first of the following month. For example, if HOH receives a drop request form on July 17th, the drop request would be effective on September 1st, not August 1st. To have the auto pay stop by August 1st, HOH would have to have received the drop request prior to July 15th.

Can I enroll in a partial month of classes?

No. All enrollment in HOH classes are on a calendar month basis.

What if I know we will miss one or more classes within the month (i.e. for a vacation), should I drop the class?

In this instance you would have to gauge the importance of being able to continue in the same class, with the same coach, upon your return. Whenever a class is dropped the space in the class becomes available for other clients. If you plan on missing one or more classes and decide to drop the class you risk not having the class available to you upon your return.

If I decide to drop a class one week into the month, can I get a refund for the remainder of the month?

No. All enrollment in HOH classes are on a calendar month basis. You can submit a “Drop Request Form” or submit a Drop Form through our website. This would stop the auto pay for the next month from happening on the first of the following month.

When a class is full, what are my chances of getting into my class once on the waiting list?

There is no set answer to this question.  Enrollment is constantly changing as our client's schedules change.  We make up to 50 wait list calls each month as client's either drop their class or transfer to a class at a different day or time.